The Alexandria Quartet


The Alexandria Quartet – Kari, Svein, Liam and Ginger

Welcome and a sincere thank you for stopping by our website. The Alexandria Quartet started with a group of friends who have a passion for music, travel and life. While music is what we do, it’s only part of who we are as a group and as individuals. Our website will be a eclectic splattering of the lives we are living and our aspirations and dreams. We would love to connect with all our fans who we are fortunate enough to call many of you our friends.

There is so much generosity that we see while on our travels. Friends we get to get reacquainted with and have opportunities we never dreamed of.  We are just getting everything started and in a regular “rhythm” to begin sharing some inspiration on our blog. Please reach out and comment on our blog posts, as we really enjoy getting the feedback to learn and grow. We will try to share as much as we can and hope that it inspires you to reach for your own dreams and make them a reality.

The Alexandria Quartet has traveled together to many different countries throughout the world. We love experiencing different cultures and playing music for our friends. Most of us have lived and grown up in different parts of the world as well. This has helped to shape and influence our musical talents as well as fueling a love for embracing all types of music, culture and people. Kari and Svein grew up in Norway, Liam calls Sweden home and Ginger was born in Norway to an American father, Doug and her Norwegian mom, Eva. You can find out more about us. Ginger, our primary blog writer and amateur photographer :-) does most of the writing here on our blog. I spend most of my time in Norway, but also go to the United States to visit with my parents in Texas for anywhere from 2-3 months each year. My parents own a limo business in San Antonio, so if you are ever in Texas make sure you connect with me.

So as far as what we do most of the year, we primarily travel around Europe doing some gigs at different locations. Our music is very popular in the UK, Germany, and Spain. I know, really, Spain? They love to dance there! Kari and Svein also have a music studio in Norway where they help new indie musicians record their debut albums to get their careers going. Liam is a part owner of a popular coffee bistro in Stockholm and he tries to work there as little as possible.

Many of our family and friends are curious where we got the name for our band, since none of us are from Alexandria… Well, it’s not so complicated. Svein studied writing at the university and was a huge fan of Lawrence Durrell, who wrote four novels that became known as The Alexandria Quartet. The background setting was Alexandria, Egypt in the 1940s before World War II and the last book, goes on during the war. I’ll tell you more about it on our about page.

I will continue to write more and post to our blog with different stories of travel, music and what we are currently doing. Please drop us a note or a comment on our page and we will do our best to reply to you. We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we do and we look forward to meeting you soon at one of our concerts.

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