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The Alexandria Quartet – Kari, Svein, Liam and Ginger

We love to play music. And we are pretty wonderful at it, so we’ve been told. We decided to start documenting our musical inspiration, travels and our lives as a journey. We hope that you enjoy our blog and check out our music at an event.


Kari began playing piano when she was 7 years old. Growing up in Norway with her mom who is a professor of music, wouldn’t take no for an answer to not practice piano. Kari’s father teaches history at the university as well. After 8 years of piano, she became interested in playing keyboards and is now our keyboard player. She loves to dance as well and as you can tell from the pictures, she and Svein are quite enamored with each other and in love.


Svein didn’t get interested in music until he was a teenager and figured out being in a band could help his popularity with the girls. He started learning to play guitar when he was 14 and practiced till his fingers were bleeding most nights. He was inspired by the band U2 and can play most of their songs from memory. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He keeps us on the cutting edge with his creativity and sense of humor to try new things.


Liam started learning to play the drums when he was 9. His uncle was in a local band in Sweden and for his birthday gave Liam a small drum set. He drove his parents crazy for months until he began to really put some rhythms together. Liam is our foundation and always brings the practical side to our music and gigs we play.


And I’m Ginger. I got my love of singing from my mom. She was always singing when I was a kid. She encouraged me when I was 8 to try out for one of our town musical plays. I did and got a part. I then started taking voice lessons and doing more musicals. I absolutely love to sing! So I joined my first band when I was 16 and then eventually another at the university. Once we got together as friends and just decided to start our own band. So here we are! My parents moved to Texas, where my father grew up after I was grown so he could look after my grandmother who was getting older. So I get to spend several months of the year there!

Please do reach out and contact us if you have any suggestions.

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