So I’m here visiting my parents for the summer. Never in my life have I seen so much rain and flooding. The amount of rain we have gotten here in San Antonio has been incredible. It has been really bad in some of the areas north of San Antonio where some of the larger rivers flow through. It was tragic to hear the news of many people losing their lives in the flash flooding. Wimberly, Texas was hit very hard by some rushing waters on the rivers and creeks that flow through that small town.

I saw a post from a friend on Facebook that showed Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio all were hit with flooding and widespread damage to roads, highways and businesses. There have been many volunteer organizations that have mobilized to bring bottled water, clothing and food to families that are in need. It’s really crazy.

My parents and several of their neighbors have a lot of trees that were damaged and a few that were even blown completely over by a few of the thunderstorms that moved through. We called one of my neighbors friends who has a tree service in the area to come over and help remove some of the trees that were laying on a fence between the houses. Will came over with his crew pretty quickly since he knows us to get our issue taken care of first. They too have been swamped trying to help people who have damage to their property from the storms and trees and branches falling.

It does look like this week that the weather has moved out for now. The forecast looks pretty good for the weather, although it is starting to get HOT here! I always look forward to my yearly visits to Texas to visit my parents, but I don’t look forward to the Texas heat in June, July and August…

The great thing about Texas is the weather can change quickly and most of the mornings are very pleasant to sit outside and have my tea and relax. The rest of the band is enjoying their vacations as well. I just spoke to them the other day and they are doing well. We do hope to get some more gigs scheduled coming up in September and we should have many of those booked very soon, so I will let our fans know shortly.

If you have an opportunity to donate to some of the relief organizations helping our friends in Texas with the flood issues, please do. I was just reading this morning about the flooding on CNN this morning saying that it has rained so much in May that the entire state could be covered in 8 inches of water with all the rain. That is incredible!

Here’s a video of the flooding so you can see how bad the situation is.