Sorry it has been a while since I last wrote. We have been traveling and playing a bit around Europe and also in Australia. One of our band’s great supporters and a close friend of Svein’s is Paul over at Lone Star Carpet Care in San Antonio. My parents have known the Walker’s for years, since they moved to the area. Paul has always been there to help us with band support when we are in the Texas area.

I wanted to write this to let him know of our gratitude for him. We have been also able to recommend our family friends to him in emergencies. Texas is known for it’s crazy weather and even devastating flooding at times. There was also a time when one of my parent’s limos was totally trashed on the inside. I mean it got really out of hand with spraying champagne all over the place. And we called Paul to take care of the mess.

So thank you again Paul, for all you do for our band, our family and the San Antonio community.

I look forward to giving you an update soon on our travels to Australia…

It was magnificent and my first time to the land “down under”.